Van Helsing Game

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an RPG action game created by the Neocore Games studio. The developer is known primarily from the series King Arthur, which has two views and a few additions. Neocore Games also created Crusaders: Your kingdom. In the game, we play the son of professor Van Helsing, who – like his father – deals with tracking and exterminating creatures of all sorts.

The adventure begins with a letter asking for help, sent from Borgovia, a land lying on the eastern borders of Europe. Many years ago, the professor helped liberate this region from the vampire coterie. At the time, his allies were genius scientists, among them Fulmigati, a real Renaissance man and the talent of pure water. As our brave hunter is already quite strongly advanced in years, he sends his son to Borgovia and Katarina, a noblewoman from the other side, who is a spirit bound by oath to serve the Van Helsing family.

van helsing game

Van Helsing’s game storyline

When the heroes reach the land, things get complicated. Young Van Helsing is ambushed, and the bridge leading to the city is blown up. While crossing the surrounding villages, swamps and forests, it turns out that the scientists – former liberators of Borgovia – fell into madness and threw themselves into their throats. Out of the civil war, no one but Fulmigati emerged victorious, and now he tries to subjugate the magic that is omnipresent in that region by means of science. This in turn means the legions of mechanical soldiers, technologically improved and free of charge free weres and other disgusting creatures created in mysterious laboratories.

Magic and weapons

Mythical creatures, however, do not intend to give up without a fight, and Van Helsing is quickly recruited into the resistance movement, headed by a vampire – one of those helped by the overthrow of his father. In terms of the character development system, the solutions were tested in similar games. The hero describes four basic attributes: body structure, dexterity, willpower and happiness. Everyone is responsible for other aspects. The first provides more life points, better defense against enemy attacks and higher melee damage. Dexterity decides the chance of dodging and injuries in distance battles. Willpower determines the number of mana and magic potential points. Happiness allows you to find more gold and magical items, and to deal more powerful damage in the event of a critical hit. In the case of skills, players were given two paths to choose from.

Special abilities

Mystic Warrior is a specialist in melee combat, and Occult Hunter in a ranged weapon. Of course, the abilities within them were grouped into trees. The game also uses a frenzy belt that allows you to use learned power in a more powerful version. For each of them, you can buy effects that will be added if we decide to get angry. For example, you can add a melee attack to a melee attack, or significantly increase the damage it deals with. The authors also decided on two other interesting solutions. The first one is a category of tricks and auras attached to the skills. Tricks are different types of passive effects that constantly affect the hero, for example, a higher chance of finding gold or recovering life points for each enemy hit. Auras are activated area abilities that help during the fight. The second solution is the level of the hero’s reputation, which allows you to buy interesting and unique perks.

It is thanks to them that Van Helsing can cheat death or make the accompanying Katarina much more effective during the struggle. She is also developing and going up to the next levels of experience. Like the main protagonist, it is described by four attributes and can use objects. Katarina’s skills focus on improving the ability of her companion. A companion can be sent to the store to sell the captured equipment and buy potions of life regeneration and mana.

There are five types of items in the game: normal, magical, rare, epic and set. The latter must be improved by continuous use so that you can unlock the fullness of their capabilities. For example, a sword can require a certain number of killings, and the armor of successful attempts to stop attacks. Equipment can be further improved by means of enchantment (giving one random ability) and various kinds of essences that provide a good selection of additional features. While playing, we go through dark locations and kill beasts in the style of overgrown rats, zombies, goblins, demons and other fantastic creatures. The main character has two basic types of weapons – a sword and a pistol.


Over time, we acquire more new skills and techniques that facilitate clashes. Although the game about the adventures of Van Helsing is maintained in gothic climates and refers to the novel Dracula, there is no shortage of joking dialogues and funny storylines. An interesting solution is to embed elements of the tower defense genre into the game .